Shikibidani is famous for both the hot springs and wild-game meat (gibier) cuisine.
We offer rustic style dishes, using mainly the health beneficial deer meat, which is high in protein and low in fat. We handle the meat from processing to cooking in our facility so that we can ensure that guests enjoy safe and fresh wild game meat.
We also serve dishes using local seasonal ingredients, such as Amego trout, and homemade soba noodle.

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About Wild Game Meat

Shikibidani Hot Spring serves as a center for information exchange and promotion of wild game meat cuisine in Naka town region. We attempt to convert wild deer which became a nuisance animial due to their abundance in the mountain areas to a tasty "mountain delicacy."
We offer our guests "tender deer meat with mild flavor" cooked by our original technology after the deer is butchered and blood is drained at the hygienically controlled Kizawa process facility.


This terrace café offers you a relaxing time with a splendid view of seasonal sceneries.
You can enjoy home roasted coffee, and original local ice-cream.

Banquet Hall

Max capacity: 40 guests
We offer menu according to your budget. Please feel free to contact us.
There are 3 room space available for multi-purpose use other than banquet, such as trainings and seminars.

BBQ House
Riverside BBQ set

BBQ sites

All-inclusive Plan

Wild Game Meat Course (deer meat)

5, 000 yen/ per person

Beef Course

5, 000 yen/ per person

This plan includes food and a full BBQ equipment set.
Please bring your own beverages.
Please choose a BBQ house or a riverside site.
Please see "BBQ plan details" for further information.

Lot rental plan

BBQ house

800 yen/ per person

Special riverside lot

1, 000 yen/ per person

Plan for renting lot only
Please bring your food, charcoal and an equipment set.
Grill is not included into a special riverside lot price.
(rental service is available with 2,000 yen/ 1 set)
Please tidy up the equipment and take care of garbage on your own responsibility.

Available time for BBQ lots: 11:00-15:00、17:00-21:00
・Reservation is required 3 days prior to arrival.

Please see BBQ plan details here.

BBQ House
BBQ Menu
Riverside BBQ set