From the wide-open windows, you can enjoy the view of fresh clear stream of Sakashukito river and the series of mountains.
If you feel a bit dizzy after soaking in the bath, you can cool down on the balcony admiring the scenery.

Hot Spring for Beauty

The hot spring, which is gushing up along the clear stream originating in the sacred Mount Tsurugi, is a well-known hot spring in a secluded mountain having a history of over 200 years since the Edo period. Clear colorless hot water with a slight sulfurous odor is alkaline spring with pH value of 9.2. You can enjoy smooth and mild hot spring for beautiful skin.

Spring quality: Simple sulfur springs(hydrogen sulfide type)
Temperature of the spring source : 16.7℃
pH Value: 9.2
Yield of hot spring water: 51.3 liters per minute(natural flowing)
Efficacy: Improvement of nerve pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, bruise, sprain, chronic digestive diseases, cold constitution etc. , recovery from fatigue, and improvement of health.

Cautionary notes
*Hot spring water is not drinkable.
*100% from the source, but not only by free-flowing spring water.
*Spring water is warmed to appropriate temperature for bathing.

Bathing fee

*200 yen discount for Naka town residents

Adult 900 yen 
child 500 yen


Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Hair dryer, and Cotton swabs.

Rental towel set 350 yen
We also sell bath products such as soap and shampoo.