For Guests Coming From Tokushima City

Navigation systems often show a route with National Route 438 to National Route 193 (route through Kamiyama to Dosu-toge). However Route 193 is a narrow road running through a mountain. Some parts of the road do not have guard rails.
This road is very hard to drive especially when you are not an experienced driver.

Taking a route from National Route 195 to National Route 193 (the route through Anan-shi and Naka-cho) is more recommended. It takes more time but it is a two-lane road and easier to drive.

Prefectural Route 16 is also a mountain road like National Route 193.

For Guests Arriving from the South

With the same reason as explained above, taking National Route 55 (running through Minami-cho) to Prefectural Route 19 to National Route 195 is recommended over mountain road of National Route 193 (running through Kaiyo-cho).

We are looking forward to your visit.

About Access during the Winter Season

Route 193 in Kamiyama-cho is closed from Dec 1st through March 31st. Prefectural Route 16 may be closed during certain hours.
Route from National Route 195 in Anan to Route 193, described above, is open. It is safer to take this route because it is a two-lane road and also snow will not cover the road.